Tuesday, June 9, 2015


If anyone reads this blog I apologize for the giant catch-up post. And the few that will most likely follow. I won't cover every single thing we've done since my last post in the Fall--that's ridiculous and what my instagram is for--but I want one place where I can go back and look at some of the fun photos from the last several holidays, and that is what this post is for.

We spent Christmas in Utah this year. My family came up and rented a cabin in Heber and since most of Chris's family was already in Utah, we all spent Christmas Eve together riding the polar express and enjoying Christmas Eve dinner at the cabin.
On Christmas morning RJ was most excited about a new stuffed Elmo and a Peppa Pig Christmas book. She still reads the Peppa Pig book multiple times almost everyday.
Polar Express/ Heber Creeper on Christmas Eve
Sitting between her youngest uncle and oldest cousin
A white Christmas!

Skyping Sister Bennion on Christmas morning
We had a fun game night with my family and then all of my siblings (except Haley) slept over in our tiny apartment and we lit off sparklers and had a midnight toast to the new year with sparkling cider.


Making Valentine's Cards for her Grandparents, cousins, and favorite missionary:

We had all these fun treats out for when RJ came downstairs on valentines day morning and all she noticed/cared about were the bananas and tooth brushes. Such a healthy and hygienic girl ;)

My cute little Valentine:

This is a special holiday for my little Irish princess.

We had a fun little easter egg hunt the day before easter in our front yard and on actual Easter we went up to therhouse to watch conference and have easter dinner together with family.

Easter Egg dress
pajama fun with cousins

Two babies!! In matching Mexican dresses!