Saturday, October 5, 2013

three months

RJ is three months old and she drools all over the place. Seriously, so slobbery.

She loves to suck on her fists and fingers unless she has her binky or teething toy...then she is all over that.

She is super fidgety, she waves her arms and hands around like crazy. She has been like this from the beginning, but she has only gotten more wiggly.

She is strong and likes to stand up while holding onto my fingers.

She grabs onto everything, especially linens like clothes or blankets. She talks by making humming noises in her throat. She loves to smile back at you if you smile at her. She will also copy you if you open your mouth really wide.

She loves to face outward in the Baby Bjorn and look at everything as we go on walks outside.

She is growing more hair on the top of her head everyday and when we go outside it glows red.

She doesn't throw up anymore (at two months she had been throwing up everyday because of acid reflux) hallelujah!! Sometimes she gets scared and she has the cutest scared frown/cry. Is that bad of me for saying that?

She is a true BYU fan.

She sleeps through the night pretty well. I wake up a few times in the night to feed her and put her back in the cradle right by our bed. Every morning at about 7 or 8 when she wakes up I bring her into our bed and it is probably her favorite part of the day. And probably ours as well. She is always so giddy and smiley, we love her.