Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness

This isn't a post about basketball. I haven't been paying enough attention to really know what I'd be talking about. Chris could do that for you.

This month I created my own march madness goals based off of a few challenges I found at the end of february: Mad Abs March and Conference Talk March Madness. I'd invite you to join if it wasn't already the end of the month. (I meant to write about this a few weeks ago...whatever)
I started off really strong, but somehow started to slack on both of the challenges last week. I think the mad abs thing is a lost cause. Although doing 300 sit ups and push ups to catch up is possible, I'd rather do them on my own time. But we are catching up in our conference talk readings. It has been a great reminder to prepare for this upcoming conference.

What else. St. Patrick's Day. We didn't really do anything special for St. Patrick's day. I had a soccer game and a group project to work on. Chris had to take a test and then played basketball. Boooring.

I did, however, think a lot about my Grandpa Bennion. He would always love to talk about the Irish and eat Irish ice cream (mint chocolate chip.) In fact, he told all of us granddaughters that we were Irish princesses when we were growing up. And I believed him for 12 years of my life! Embarrassing. He was like the dad from my Big Fat Greek Wedding, except he would talk about Ireland and Scotland. I love and miss his crazy obsession.
I also got excited thinking about the fun things to do when I have kids. There are so many cute holiday treat ideas on pinterest that could be fun. I want to be one of those moms who makes every holiday amazing. My Mom's sister Sara also has a love for Ireland and from what I hear she goes allll out on St. Patrick's Day. She carries around green food coloring all day and turns things green when the kids aren't looking. Making tiny leprechaun footprints in cereal bowls, bathroom sinks, etc. The kids try extra hard to catch the leprechauns and it is fun and exciting for everyone. I hope I can be that awesome.

Do you have any fun St. Patrick's Day memories or ideas?