Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween is Awesome! Halloween is cool when you're part of a team!

(cue lego movie theme song)

Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4

Baby number 2 is due April 10th and we couldn't be more excited!!! I can't believe RJ is about to be a big sister.

We are weird and had two costumes this year because even though we had planned the Mariokart costumes for a long time, I couldn't pass up the perfect Pebbles Flinstones costume when I saw it. RJ=Pebbles. So as well as Mario, Yoshi, and princess peach...we also represented Pebbles, Bam Bam, and (a green) Dino the Dinosaur.

cutest pebbles and bam bam you've ever seen

rj swinging and saying "bam bam bam"

Fall Fever

I am a big Summer-time fan, so getting an extended summer in Hawaii to soak up some extra sun was really great. I was sad for summer to be over when we got back. But then! I remembered how fun and pretty fall is. Last year RJ was too little to enjoy the fun Fall activities, so this year it's been exciting to watch her experience them for the first time.
My sister Heidi is living in Utah just down the street from us this Fall while she is off track at BYU-Idaho. We get to do lots of fun things together. I love having her here with us again, I never want her to leave! Rj and I also got to travel to California last weekend and see my parents, little brothers, and best friend Madison who just got back from her LDS mission in Portugal. The only thing better than enjoying fall is enjoying it with family.


eating a cute mini pie!
true love
anything better than a corn box?

seeing real life piggies (her favorite animal) at the petting zoo

auntie heids

meeting madison

gramma b

getting the mail and picking all the dandelions in the yard

Family Photos in Hawaii

We had professional family photos taken while we were in Hawaii by the incredible Jonathan Canlas. We only had one hour to get photos taken of ALL of our families plus a few different group photos so we didn't get a ton of time with him, unfortunately.  But it was still amazing to even get that chance.

RJ was NOT happy during our photo session, which made me sad. But, what can you do? Some of these photos are pretty dang funny because of it. The big group one is amazing! Can you believe all those colors? Swoon.

I feel super blessed that I can say I LOVE all of these girls.

RJ kind of photobombed this one, haha.